The first 5GETF launched ETF expert Huaxia Fund pushes investment weapon

The first 5GETF launched “ETF expert” Huaxia Fund pushes investment weapon
Source: Zhijihui. Original title: The first 5GETF launched. “ETF Experts” Huaxia Fund has again pushed investment tools. ETF-based index products continue to be favored. Fund companies have also accelerated their pace of deployment and innovative products have continued to appear.Recently, “ETF Experts” Huaxia Fund launched a new product-Huaxia CSI 5G Communication ETF (5GETF for short), which is also the first 5G themed ETF on the market.In the past year, 5G has become one of the hot investment themes.Whether it is the initialization of 5G standards, technological breakthroughs and advancements, the active expression of the three 成都桑拿网 major operators, or the submission of spectrum, it is clear that the 5G boom is on the rise.If investors are optimistic about the future prospects of 5G, they may wish to pay attention to Huaxia 5GETF.  At present, 5G is highly estimated globally, and it is regarded as the cornerstone of the information economy. From the perspective of investment, 5G is justified.China’s 5G construction is a global leader. Some commercial cities in 2019 may include more than 50 cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.From the hardware side, 2020-2023 will be the peak period for 5G infrastructure investment.It is estimated that 680,000 5G base stations will be built in 2020, and the total investment in 5G will gradually advance to over 1.5 trillion.From the software side, downstream applications are expected to become the new direction of the next stage of 5G, industry 4.0, the realization of new industrial applications such as autonomous driving and telemedicine is inseparable from 5G construction.The market is generally optimistic about the 5G investment theme. Huaxia Fund is the first to launch a 5G ETF, which aims to help investors seize the opportunity.  It is understood that Huaxia 5G ETF is based on the CSI 5G Communication Theme Index.The index selects the stocks of 40 listed companies whose products and services are related to 5G communication technology as sample stocks, which are mainly composed of sub-sections such as communications equipment, electronics manufacturing, and ground armor.With the advent of the 5G cycle, the capital expenditure of the three major operators has grown rapidly, and the prosperity of this index has also increased.WIND data shows that as of August 26, the CSI 5G Communication Theme Index has increased by 17 this year.16%.At the same time, ETFs have the advantages of being able to trade on the market and low investment costs. After the listing of the Huaxia 5G ETF, investors can efficiently grasp investment opportunities through trading in the secondary market.  For the next stage of investment in the 5G communications sector, Huaxia Fund believes that the communications industry is one of the key basic industries that are gradually growing at this stage and has a supporting role in economic transformation and upgrading.However, in the context of repeated trade frictions, the allocation value of the communications industry has been underestimated, and its market share of fund holdings of heavy stocks has exceeded the industry’s share of the total A market value for 10 consecutive quarters since 2017.The divergence between “high business climate and low holdings” has formed. After the start of 5G construction and the recovery of Internet infrastructure construction, the industry’s business climate has a lot of room for improvement.  As the manager, Huaxia Fund has obvious advantages in the field of index investment and has a leading position in ETFs.At present, there are 17 existing equity ETFs, and it is the first domestic fund company to manage equity ETFs exceeding 100 billion yuan.In terms of broad-based ETFs, China Securities Shanghai 50 ETF, China China Hang Seng ETF, China China CSI 300 ETF and many other products are active in the market, ranking first among similar products.In terms of narrow-based ETFs, it has deployed sub-sectors such as pharmaceuticals, finance, consumption, and securities.At the same time, it is also actively deploying smart beta products to upgrade the index investment experience.The issuance of the new product Huaxia CSI 5G Telecom ETF will further improve the product line and provide investors with richer asset allocation options.